Washington Community Schools

  • 301 E South St, Washington, IN 47501
  • (812) 254-5536
  • Website
  • Grades PreK - 12th
  • 2,443 Enrolled
  • 61.52% Free/Reduced Lunch
  • School Corporation
  • Rural

Benchmarked Headline Indicators

PreK-Grade 2

Kindergarten Readiness

Percentage of students demonstrating the skills necessary to be considered ready to start kindergarten.
Coming soon

PreK-Grade 2 Literacy

Percentage of PreK-Grade 2 students demonstrating progress in essential early reading skills from one year to the next.
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Grades 3-8

3rd Grade Literacy

Percentage of grade 3 students showing proficiency on IREAD-3. Goal: 95% by 2027.
77% Trending down arrow
State: 81.6% Trending up arrow

6th Grade Math Growth

Percentage of grade 6 students meeting their individual growth targets on the math ILEARN. Goal: 45.8% by 2030.
29.3% Trending down arrow
State: 34.1% Trending up arrow
Grades 9-12

Graduation Pathways Completion

Percentage of grade 12 students who complete graduation requirements. Goal: 95% by 2030.
89.1% Trending down arrow
State: 86.4% Trending down arrow

College & Career Credentials

Percentage of grade 12 students earning high quality college and career credentials. Goal: 60% by 2030.
12% Trending up arrow
State: 5.5% Trending up arrow
Graduation and Beyond

Employment & Enrollment

Percentage of high school graduates employed or enrolled within Indiana 1 year after their expected graduation year. Goal TBD.
92.2% Trending up arrow
State: 84.9% Trending up arrow

All Headline Indicators

PreK-Grade 2

Grades 3-8

Grades 9-12

Graduation and Beyond

ILEARN Performance

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