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We know that students are so much more than a single test score. Extensive feedback from educators, families, communities, and employers has consistently shown that there are a number of key characteristics critical to a student’s lifelong success. Whether their next steps include enrollment, employment, or enlistment leading to service, we all share a commitment to preparing Indiana’s students for a dynamic future.

Together, our mission is to empower Indiana’s educators, families, communities, and employers with a learner-centered, future-focused dashboard that displays how our students are building the necessary knowledge and skills—in all grades and in all schools— through the Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed dashboard, or Indiana GPS.

The Indiana GPS dashboard seeks to:

  • Empower educators by providing a variety of essential data points to support continuous improvement of student learning across the K-12 continuum,

  • Support families and community stakeholders by providing meaningful, relevant, and transparent information about school progress and performance, and

  • Elevate the highest-performing schools as models of excellence, and identify other schools for additional support.

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